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The original “Search Engine” still in high usage today. More and More people are realizing the untapped potential in marketing local, with a local company.

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With our commitment to providing the consumer with the most accurate up-to-date residential and business listings, keeps our local buying guides an essential part of any household.

This Is How it Works

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We print residential listings for free, every year.  If you want your business listed in the white pages only, we can do that too.

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We print our phonebooks once per year, so you advertising will reach thousands of people a year and ready for when they are ready to purchase.

Deciding To Advertise

If you decide to advertise and get an ROI of over 1000%, just let us know.

Phonebooks are the New Green


Recycled Paper & Pulp.


Soy based ink and binding glue.

Even before it was a hot topic. The Sauk Valley Directory was concerned with our footprint from the get-go.


Sauk Valley Phone Book No Year

Find what you need fast!  You won’t have to worry about cluttered NON-LOCAL companies, only the local ones are listed.

Always up-to-date listings in our books.

Our print is large and easy to read.  We feature accurate local information at the flick of your finger.  No internet or data connection required.

Never runs out of juice.